The Muffler Shop II is one of the few shops in the Fairport area equipped with heavy duty lifts. Our 27,000 lb lift allows us to work on large vehicles such as RV’s, Motor Homes, Medium Duty Trucks, Limousine’s, Limo buses and Nursing home vans.

  • We can accommodate any size RV
  • You can trust our Advanced Master Techs to work on your vehicle
  • Bring in your vehicle for preventative maintenance needs such as:
  • Fluid checks
  • Check wheels
  • Inspect brakes & tires
  • Inspect all steering & suspension components
  • Shocks & struts for smoother ride & handling
  • Air conditioning (except units on roof)
  • Pressure test your cooling system

Bring in your vehicle for pre-trip check up and we will send you off on a safe vacation!